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Article: 8 Kumkumadi Serum Benefits for Glowing Skin in 2024

8 Kumkumadi Serum Benefits for Glowing Skin in 2024

8 Kumkumadi Serum Benefits for Glowing Skin in 2024

Do you want your skin to look radiant and beautiful using a natural ayurvedic gift rather than creams that are laced with chemicals? If so, Kumkumadi Serum, Ayurveda’s “Red-Gold Saffron” is the natural product everyone wants. It is called so because of one of its primary ingredients. It is called Kumkumadi because in Sanskrit, red-gold saffron is called Kumkuma. This serum is an all natural product, its beauty secret has been passed from generation to generation by our ancestors. 

Also known as Kumkumadi Tailam, it is driving people back to using natural Ayurvedic products rather than going for chemical based creams. You can apply this serum at night before you sleep and wake up to a golden glow on your face.

Other than “red-gold saffron” it is made up of other natural ingredients as well, such as Lakhsa, Daruharidra AKA Tree Turmeric, Chandana AKA Sandalwood, Padmaka, Kamal Kessar and more.

Even your skin realizes and feels when something natural is applied on it, not only would you have a golden glow on your face when you wake up, but you will feel pleasant as you apply it too.

Here, at Muloha, we are going to talk about the Eight benefits of using Kumkumadi Serum.

Improve Skin Complexion and Rejuvenate Skin Cells

The main attraction to red-gold saffron serum stems from its ability to enhance your skin complexion and bring about a golden glow. The red-gold saffron which gives this serum its name is the most expensive spice and is added to many beauty products as it has the ability to transform your skin. It can enhance the brightness of your face by promoting the blood flow and rejuvenating skin cells. 

This is not all as another ingredient in the serum, Sandalwood, known for its fragrance, soothes skin texture and lightens it up. This makes it a very suitable moisturizer even for the summer.

If you are looking for something to brighten up your face, you can throw away your chemical based brightness cream to make space for Ayurveda’s gift, the Kumkumadi serum.

Heal Your Skin

Not only does this serum brighten your face and revive your skin cells, it also holds the ability to heal your skin. It has ingredients which can heal your skin from various conditions such as allergies, blemishes and infections. 

Lac or Laksha is a resin produced by an Indian Lac insect. It is used commercially as the resin it produces has a lot of uses. One of the most impressive ones is treating skin infections. Kumkumadi serum has its healing qualities because it has Lac’s resinous secretion added into it among all other ingredients. 

Reduce Inflammation

With the addition of the indian flowering plant Manjistha, Pattanga and Kamala Keshara, this serum has the ability to reduce inflammation. Manjistha is known to cure serious health conditions like kidney stones, urinary tract disorders, and Pattanga and Kamala Keshara add their unique properties to the serum, giving it the ability to treat skin inflammation.

Cool Down Your Face

Due to Madhuka, a musky scented flower as part of its ingredients, Kumkumadi serum has the ability to cool down your skin, it can also be used as a toner. This can feel pleasant during the summer and will give your skin an even tone and a golden glow.

Treating Dark Spots and Pigmentation

Kumkumadi serum can help you if you are dealing with pigmentation and have dark spots on your face. While chemical based brightening creams may not work, an Ayurvedic natural product can be what you need. Using Licorice as one of its ingredients, which is a root extract that that is proven to dark pigmentation and reduce scars, this serum is equipped to tackle dark spots and pigmentation. 

Oil Control

Indian Barberry, one of the ingredients of this serum, can control the production of sebum. This ingredient is know for its ability to control oil production, unclog pore and prevent acne. This serum also contains the extract of blue lotus, which helps balancing between the oil control and preventing acne. As such, this serum can also perform oil control.

Boosting Hydration

This serum can help you if you have dry and rough skin. Using the serum at night can be a great solution as you can apply it before sleeping and overnight it can repair your skin and hydrate it. This  serum contains dashmoola as an ingredient which can treat and heal excessive face dryness.

Natural Sunscreen

If you use this serum, you don’t need to buy a separate sunscreen. It is a natural sunscreen and contains SPF 30. Its host of ingredients such as saffron, sandalwood, herbs, rose water can protect your face from the dangerous UV rays. Kumkumadi serum can not only cool your face down, but also protect you from the sun.

Final Word 

If you are fed up with pouring chemicals on your face and hoping for a change, the Ayurvedic gift of Kumkumadi serum is here for you. With more than a few benefits, this serum can take care of almost all of your skin problems. With regular usage, with time, it can vastly improve the health of your skin, making it even toned and giving you a golden glow. As being an incredible ayurvedic product, passed down from generation to generation, and perfected, it has no side effects. Your skin indeed knows when it is in touch with nature and it feel so as you apply this magical serum every day and feel its cooling and soothing effect.

For many years, due to flashy advertisements and false promises, people started using chemical based products, leaving behind the natural Ayurvedic gifts. With Kumkumadi serum, we are seeing a return to the Ayurvedic products. It is time to get back to the natural order of things, and use natural products to heal up your face and get that golden glow.

Do you want to learn more about this magical serum? Here at Muloha we offer and discuss every beauty product that you may require.

FAQ About The Kumkumadi Serum Benefits

Q. What is the best way to use Kumkumadi serum to get results?

Ans. You should apply the serum at night to get best results and make the most out of its benefits. 

Q. How long would it take to see results after using Kumkumadi serum?

Ans. If used and applied correctly every day, you can see the results of Kumkumadi serum in about 28 days. You should have a brighter skin tone and also more healed and young looking skin.

Q. Is Kumkumadi serum an anti-aging serum?

Ans. Kumkumadi serum is indeed an Ayurvedic anti-aging serum, as it fights the signs of aging and works to make you look more youthful. It can improve skin firmness in about 28 days of daily use.

Q. Can men use Kumkumadi Serum ?

Ans. Yes, men can absolutely use Kumkumadi Serum and enjoy its benefits. As men’s skin also needs nourishment and care, it is encouraged to use a natural ayurvedic product such as Kumkumadi serum.

Q, Is there a skin type limitation for Kumkumadi Serum?

Ans. No, as it is a natural Ayurvedic product, perfected from generation to generation, Kumkumadi serum is suitable for all skin types.

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